China’s story is no longer just a Chinese story. We believe that tomorrow’s code, consumers, culture and companies are being shaped by China, today. 

From blockchain and EVs to IoT hardware, we put our time and money behind ballsy founders and rock star teams that challenge convention and share our belief that #CHINAMATTERS.  

Even if you are 100 % firm in your belief that you have no plans go to China, China — opportunities, threats and all — is coming to you..


We don’t just claim to be founder-friendly, all the partners at Haitao are serial entrepreneurs - we’ve built 12 Global businesses in over 14 countries ourselves since 1996.

We know that true founders are a special breed, driven by optimism and a lifelong search for a better way.


While they said it best, they're not the only ones.  We stand by our judgement even when it goes against the masses because we have principles, clarity of thought & data to validate. 

As founders we kept going, even when most didn’t understand.  And now as investors, we back those who dare - even if the crowd shoots them down.

Echelon 27 Asia Summit 2019

Haitao Capital's Founding General Partner Geoffrey Handley, Mentor & Expert-in-Residence at Chinaccelerator 中国加速, will be speaking at hashtag#Echelon2019 Asia Summit in Singapore on 23/24 May!

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Join our team

Internship Openings – Join our team of founders, investors, thinkers, doers, dreamers, contrarians and pragmatists guided by our thesis #CHINAMATTERS

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It's About Time! AngelList's 1st China Syndicate Goes Live!

The Haitao Capital @ Chinaccelerator Syndicate will give accredited angel investors the opportunity to invest alongside China’s most successful start-up accelerator and prominent China-savvy investors to back the most promising Chinese and China-focused high growth companies.

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